Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ingrates! They Deserve to Be Exiled!

Dear M Mahendran the Ingrate,
This is a despicable act of treason! Of all the 'despicabilities' I have seen, this must surely take the biggest credit for being the MOST OBNOXIOUS, RIDICULOUS, SLANDEROUS AND COWARDLY act coming from ingrates who leech on the country's resources for their own selfish gains and yet have the cheek to throw all sorts of unfounded allegations towards this country's leaders.
If you bastards are so convinced that these so-called atrocities are committed whilst you fucking KNOW that it's a lie created by the dysfunctional opposition parties, I challenge you to provide solid evidence. Bring it on! Don't hide behind the writings of a questionable author with questionable motives who write lies based on half-truths gathered from questionable sources!
If you even have balls, go and read 'Doctor In the House' with an open mind... but I'm sure you won't because you have this preconceived and distorted perception that EVERYTHING Mahathir is nothing but sheer bullshit! You people are genuinely sick in the head!

Ingrates like you don't deserve to hold a Malaysian Identity Card... you should just surrender them and migrate to India, or wherever it is that you came from! This country would be a tad more peaceful without sickos like you lurking around!
I reserve my comments on the allegations that you have detailed in the article because it insults my intelligence! How can you, with all the proficiency in English, which somehow reflects your level of education, even THINK that ALL of these so-called wastages, bailouts, etc. etc is Mahathir's sole doing?? Have you no conscience at all?? Have you lost your marbles??
You talk about 'white elephants' seen during travels around Malaysia... but you are blinded to the other progresses that these places have undergone... the economic benefits that the locals have reaped... the ease of travelling in itself is a progress... the safety of yourself in these travels.. the ease of communications... I could go on and on, but it's pointless because you are, in every sense of the meaning of the word, BLIND!
Last but not least, Mr. M Mahendran, YOU CAN FUCK OFF YOU DISGRACEFUL BASTARD!
P/S - You have the gall to use the term 'mamak', when you bastards rolled on the floor crying and banging your head on the wall when a fictional novel rightly used the term 'keling'??? shame on you!
Note: The above posting is in response to an email I received, which has been circulating for God knows how long! I reproduce the content here:-
Subject: Most Corrupted Malay / Mamak ?
The Most Corrupted Malaysian 
Malaysia has squandered an estimated RM100 billion on financial scandals under the 22-year rule of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, according to a new book about the former prime minister.

According to Barry Wain, author of the soon-to-be launched ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’, direct financial losses amounted to about RM50 billion.

This doubled once the invisible costs, such as unrecorded write-offs, were taken into account. The RM100 billion total loss was equivalent to US$40 billion at then prevailing exchange rates.

Barry, who is a former editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal, says most of the scams, which included a government attempt to manipulate the international tin price and gambling by Bank Negara on global currency markets, occurred in the 1980s.

‘Malaysian Maverick’ is the first independent, full-length study of Mahathir, who retired in 2003 after more than two decades as premier. The book will be published globally next week by Palgrave Macmillan.

Wain writes that the Mahathir administration, which took office in 1981 with the slogan, “clean, efficient, trustworthy”, was almost immediately embroiled in financial scandals that “exploded with startling regularity”.

By the early 1990s, he says, cynics remarked that it had been “a good decade for bad behaviour, or a bad decade for good behaviour”.

Secret military deal with US

The book also reveals that:

Mahathir, despite his nationalistic rants, signed a secret security agreement with the
United States in 1984 that gave the Americans access to a jungle warfare training school in Johor and allowed them to set up a small-ship repair facility at Lumut and a plant in Kuala Lumpur to repair C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.
Mahathir used a secret fund of his ruling Umno to turn the party into a vast conglomerate with investments that spanned almost the entire economy.
Mahathir’s Umno financed its new Putra World Trade Centre headquarters in
Kuala Lumpur partly with taxpayers money, by forcing state-owned banks to write off at least RM140 million in interest on Umno loans.
Wain, who is now a writer-in-residence at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, however credits Mahathir with engineering the country’s economic transformation, deepening industrialisation and expanding Malaysia’s middle class.

But Mahathir had undermined state institutions, permitted the spread of corruption and failed to provide for Malaysia’s future leadership, he says.

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Do you know that:

Last year, Petronas gained a total pre-tax profit of RM86.8 billion and so far, it has earned about RM600 billion. As the surge of international oil prices, it’s profits will as well substantially grow. But the government has reduced fuel subsidies by a wide margin, turning
Malaysia into one of the world’s most expensive oil price oil-producing countries. It makes the people wonder where the huge profit of Petronas has gone?

Former Work Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said in the Parliament last year that the government has compensated a total of RM38.5 billion to 20 highway companies. Also, as the government has stopped building the Scenic Bridge in Johor, it has to compensate RM300 million construction cost to the bridge contractor. Isn’t the spending of such huge amount a waste?

Former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim revealed that the Central Bank has lost RM30 billion in foreign exchange trading in the 1990s. Who was the manipulator behind it? (Second Finance Minister was in charge of Bank Negara’s Forex trading at that time)

Malaysia Airlines was said to have suffered losses every year. But why to spend RM1.55 million to buy three paintings to decorate its chairman’s office? And why to spend RM7,525 per day to recruit a foreign senior general manager?

Proton Holdings bought a 57.75% stake in MV Agusta for ˆ70 million but sold it at ˆ1 (RM4.50) a year later, causing Proton to lose ˆ75.99 million (RM 348 million)?

Other excesses and wastages:

1. The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion in 2008 ringgit)

2. The Maminco attempt to corner the world tin market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million. (RM1.6 billion)

3. Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia RM30 billion in the 1990s.

4. Perwaja Steel resulted in losses of US$800 million (RM2.56 billion). Eric Chia, was charged with corruption for allegedly steering US$20 million (RM64 million) to a Hong Kong-based company

5. Use of RM10 billion public funds in the Valuecap Sdn. Bhd. operation to shore up the stock market

6. Banking scandal of RM700 million losses in Bank Islam

7. The sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton for one Euro making a loss of ˆ75.99 million (RM 348 million)

8. Wang Ehsan from oil royalty on Terengganu RM7.4 billion from 2004 – 2007

9. For the past 10 years since Philharmonic Orchestra was established, this orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million

10. In Advisors Fees, Mahathir was paid RM180,000, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (women and social development affairs) RM404,726 and Abdul Hamid Othman (religious) RM549,675 per annum

11. The government has spent a total of RM3.2 billion in teaching Maths and Science in English over the past five years. Out of the amount, the government paid a whopping RM2.21 billion for the purchase of information and computer technology (ICT) equipments which it is unable to give a breakdown.

12. The commission paid for purchase of jets and submarines to two private companies Perimeker Sdn Bhd and IMT Defence Sdn Bhd amounted to RM910 million.

13. RM300 million to compensate Gerbang Perdana for the RM1.1 billion “Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge”

14. RM1.3 billion have been wasted building the white elephant Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) facilities on cancellation of the Malaysia-Singapore scenic bridge

15. RM 100 million on renovation of Parliament building and leaks

16. National Astronaut Programme – RM 40 million

17. National Service Training Programme – yearly an estimate of RM 500 million

18. Eye on
Malaysia – RM 30 million and another RM5.7 million of free ticket

19. RM 4.63 billion, ’soft-loan’ to PKFZ

20. RM 2.4 million on indelible ink

21. Samy announced in September 2006 that the government paid compensation amounting to RM 38.5 billion to the highway companies. RM 380 million windfalls for 9 toll concessionaires earned solely from the toll hike in 2008 alone.

22. RM32 million timber export kickbacks involving companies connected to Sarawak Chief Minister and his family.

Bailouts -
23. Two bailouts of Malaysia Airline System RM7.9 billion

24. Putra transport system, which cost RM4.486 billion

25. STAR-LRT bailout costing RM3.256 billion

26. National Sewerage System costing RM192.54 million

27. Seremban-Port Dickson Highway costing RM142 million

28. Kuching Prison costing RM135 million

29. Kajian Makanan dan Gunaan Orang Islam costing RM8.3 million.

30. Le Tour de Langkawi costing RM 3.5 Million

31. Wholesale distribution of tens of millions of shares in
Bursa Malaysia under guise of NEP to cronies, children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth billions of ringgits.

32. APs scandal had been going on year-after-year going back for more than three decades, involving a total mind-boggling sum of tens of billions of ringgits

33. Alienation of tens of thousands of hectares of commercial lands and forestry concessions to children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth tens of billions of ringgits

34. Travel around Malaysia and see for yourself how many white elephants like majestic arches, roads paved with fanciful bricks, designer lamp posts, clock towers, Municipal Council buildings that looks more like Istanas, extravagant places of worship, refurbishment of residences of VIPs, abandoned or under-utilised government sports complexes and buildings, etc! Combined they could easily amount to the hundreds of billions of ringgits!

35. Wastages and forward trading of Petronas oil in the 1990s based on the low price of oil then. Since the accounts of Petronas are for the eyes of Prime Minister only, we have absolutely no idea of the amount. Whatever amount, you bet it is COLLOSSAL!

In Time Asia magazine issue on March 15 2004, South East Asian economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore Daniel Lian, figures “that the country may have lost as much as U$$100 billion (RM320 billion) since the early 1980s to corruption.” Mind you, this is only corruption and it does not include wastages!

All the rakyat’s hard earned money down the drain and they have the audacity to raise fuel prices and asking the people to change their lifestyles.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

1st Malaysia ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference (1MARBC)

I had the opportunity to attend the above event held at InterContinental Hotel on 24 April 2011 courtesy of Malaysia Blog House... thanks to Tony Yew!

Being a sucker for punctuality, I had to sacrifice my Sunday morning sleep-in just to be there early so as to not miss any 'juicy' details that might crop up! Well, it goes without saying that the timing could not have been more appropriate, considering the goings-on in the cyber world... xxx videos and all!

So, there I was in the early Sunday morning and, finding my way up to the venue of the conference, i.e. the ballroom, I found myself facing an empty registration counter. Nevertheless, the registration girls arrived not long after and I promptly registered myself.

By and large, the Conference was a success in my opinion, considering the gargantuan task the committee had to shoulder... I was told they only had something like 2 months to prepare. Compound that with the announcement of the Sarawak state elections, it must have been excruciatingly tiring for the committee... as some of my friends would say, 'Gua tabik spring sama lu la bro!"

The presence of bloggers form around the region, with some having to dodge bureaucracy back home just to be here, was a pleasant surprise. And much were learnt from their very own experiences in their respective countries. 

Apart from the valuable workshops and the (ehem!) generous food, from breakfast to lunch and on to dinner, with breaks in between, a major achievement for the organizers would be the presence of two of the most influential personalities in the country, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. They attended the opening ceremony with their charming spouses and were very obliging to the participants, taking pictures and signing autographs.

I don't know about the rest of the participants, but I felt an air of camaraderie and a great deal of warmth, pleasantly present throughout the event. Needless to say, the media coverage was pretty extensive with all mainstream media reporting the event at first break. Print media had them on front page, while the electronic media reported it as the first news.

For those of you who missed the tv news reports, here are the recordings -



All in all it was a successful event, and though there were some hush-hush whispers and little voices amongst some of the local participants such as "How come so-and-so were not invited huh?", which is pretty much the norm in Malaysia, I'd say kudos to the organizing committee for a job well done!

The closing was pretty much an informal affair with most participants expressing hope that there will be a follow-up forum in the near future, and with standards being set at such a high level, it will be tough to match, but hey, there's always a first for everything! So don't fret guys, even if the next forum is held on a low-key basis, it's the quality that counts! Ehem! Phuket is a nice choice! ;-)

And now that the curtains are drawn, and the applause fading, the prevailing question in the minds of most of us is... now what next? Where do we go from here? How do we keep the momentum going?

Any clue guys?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Of Anwarism and the Politics of Hate

The state of affairs in recent years are seeing a worrying trend in Malaysian politics. The 'politics of hate' and racial attacks are planting the seeds which will eventually grow into a very menacing tree.

The recent Sarawak state elections is a case in point. I will not go into the gory details of what transpired there, as I'm quite sure that most of you would have read/heard about it from whatever source of informaton you have. The choice of whether to believe or not any of these stories is entirely yours to make.

Whichever way you look at it, one factor seem to stand out like a sore thumb - Anwar Ibrahim. He seem to be at center of everything. And I'm not talking about PKR, mind u! As much as most Malaysians would want to believe, PKR is a 'spent bullet' if we could call it that.

But Anwar Ibrahim is in a different class alltogether. He appears to have this magnetic effect on people, particularly the disgruntled lot in our community. Now, lets take a step back and examine his progress over the years. Not to do a historical study, but rather to see where or what his actions were leading to.

Student days - led the student movement as a radical leader, anti-establishment - POWER
Deserted PAS and joined UMNO - knew that PAS would not be the right platform - POWER
UMNO days - Strove on popularism, sensationalism and controversy to get what he wanted - POWER
Mahathir dilemma - having built his support all-round, he began to challenge Mahathir - POWER
PKR days - insisted on leading the party with an iron fist without the possibility of being challenged - POWER
Pakatan Rakyat - opportunity to wield his POWER with a view to take over the country's premiership - ABSOLUTE POWER

See the common denominator there? And IF he does get to Putrajaya, and thats a HUGE 'IF', what would be his first (and possibly last) mission? Everyone knows that the country is not exactly in the doldrums, the economy is improving... people are, by and large, happy, albeit a small group of disgruntled so-called saviour-wannabes, who will continue to be disgruntled, regardless!

A simple psychoanalysis of his behaviour will show some glaring possibilities:-

He wanted to be Prime Minister ---> He was denied that opportunity by Mahathir ---> He hates Mahathir ---> He wants the whole world to hate Mahathir ---> He thought he could takeover the country after Mahathir left ---> He was wrong! ---> He hates Najib ---> He wants the whole world to hate Najib ---> He wants the country to be chaotic, not peaceful ---> He hates peace-loving people ---> He's getting older ---> He hates getting old ---> Now, you do the math!

So, back to the earlier question of what will he do IF he gets to Putrajaya? You guessed it... take REVENGE! So, his struggle all these years was with one, and only one, objective - to take revenge on those people who made his life miserable.

The fact that he brought it on himself does not matter, just as much as the future of this country does not matter to him. Think about it people!

Monday, 25 April 2011

1Malaysia and Me

Someone asked me recently what I thought about the ’1 Malaysia’ concept. I pondered for a while, my eyes staring blankly into the horizon and blurted… You wanna know what ’1Malaysia’ is? Just take a trip down memory lane… my thoughts were instantly transported to my growing up years in the suburbs of KL.. to a place called ‘Peel Road’.
Now, here is a community which embraced the 1Malaysia concept in totality. The fact that we were made up of different racial backgrounds with different religious beliefs were of little significance, and it didn’t make any of us any less a muslim or christian or hindu or buddhist. My best friend then was a Chinese, Mah Seng Teck, and his whole family was like my second family. I had no qualms about staying over at his place and spending almost the whole day in his house…including having meals with them, and they were understanding enough about my religious beliefs and totally abstained from cooking pork.

My immediate right neighbour, was a Hindu family, while the one on our left was a Eurasian family and as far as I can remember we never had any quarrels and the kids would come over for a game of ‘konda-kondi’ in the evenings since our house had a larger lawn. On weekends, we would gather at the nearby football field and play our hearts out. After the game, we would all gather around the public water pipe and drink straight out of the tap head… and none of us had cholera or any other sickness as a result of it!

At times a game of ‘chopping’ at Mah’s place would leave all of us with tennis ball marks all over our clothes (for the benefit of the Gen-X’ers, ‘chopping’ is a game of eliminating the other players from the field by throwing a really wet tennis ball at them). Almost always, I’d get a good tongue-lashing once I got home!

But never in my wildest dreams then, would I have thought of labeling any of my friends, or even mere acquaintances for that matter, as ‘pendatang’ or question their loyalty to the country. And they in turn never really bothered about ‘ketuanan Melayu’ or fear the Keris in the display cabinet at the corner of our living room. Religious celebrations were celebrated by all and sundry… I remember joining my Eurasians friend when they went carolling from house to house on Christmas eve… and my other friends would accompany me to the Mosque on the morning of Hari Raya and wait until the prayers were over… then we would all go from house to house, collecting duit raya… in the evening we would all go and have a good time with the ‘collections’.

Aaah! those good ol’ days… if only we could re-live that spirit now, and watch our children do the same things we did then, ’1Malaysia’ would not be a slogan, but rather the very essence of Malaysians.